Targeted Mobile

Connect with Healthcare Consumers on the Go

Targeted Media Health makes it easy to target healthcare consumers on the go. We offer three options—National Sites, Local Sites, and Portals—for precisely targeted digital inventory, across our premier mobile brands, with mobile and in-app options.

  • Proprietary Omnipoint data used to determine sites by KPI.
  • The most recognizable, premium publishers.
  • No pre-purchased inventory.
  • Strongest coverage of any market.
  • Robust targeting capabilities.

The Right Place, the Right Time

Communicate with patients and caregivers when and where they are looking for wellness information, with helpful, informative content that compels action.

  • Hyper-location, precision targeting
  • Demo-target to reach consumers who match your profile
  • Geo-fencing to target consumers in a defined radius
  • Vertical networks make mobile and tablet advertising simple
  • WiFi targeting

With Targeted Media Health, marketers can have continuous access to and influence on patients who are seeking health and wellness-related information and advice.

To learn more about how Targeted Media Health can deliver effective
mobile campaigns to patients and influence a highly defined audience,
contact Dave Mevorah, National Ad Director at 212.522.5027 today.

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