Targeted Digital

Welcomed Messaging, Engaged Consumers

Targeted Media Health partners with the most popular and prestigious national and local online brands for campaigns that reach a highly targeted audience of consumers who are actively seeking health and wellness information and advice.

  • Custom campaigns to reach your specific objectives
  • Transparent content networks
  • Expert online planning, negotiating, buying, reporting, optimization, and billing

Because consumers want to play a more active role in their health care by having knowledgeable conversations with their health care providers, they frequently search online to educate themselves about their health and well-being. Targeted Media Health makes it easy for advertisers to be part of the conversation.

Real-Time Changes to Maximize Efficiency
With a team of digital marketing experts monitoring your campaign, and quickly adjusting to boost results, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of every ad dollar.

Targeted Media Health delivers effective online campaigns that target a highly sought-after audience of consumers. For more information, contact Dave Mevorah, National Ad Director at 212.522.5027 today.

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