Custom Content

The Right Format for Your Message

Based on your objectives, Targeted Media Health will create a program with customized content to meet your specific needs.

The Patient Education Network

Your custom, educational content is wrapped around the nation’s most trusted magazines—including People, Sports Illustrated, and Time—and delivered to our pre-established networks of physicians’ offices.
Your eight-page cover wrap, with three pages of physician-moderated content, can focus on a specific condition, and is delivered to the physicians’ offices that are the highest prescribers of medications to treat specific conditions, such as

    • ADHD
    • Allergies
    • Anti-depression
    • Asthma
    • Cholesterol
    • Dermatology
    • Gastro
    • Hypertension
    • MS
    • Women’s Health

Targeted Media Health’s Patient Education Network is a collection of intensive nationwide research, and is designed to influence the patient/physician dialogue.

Healthy Living with…

Communicate directly with patients and encourage the patient/physician dialogue with a custom, integrated program aimed at patients with specific interests, including

  • Healthy Living with…Affordable Healthcare
  • Healthy Living with…Diabetes
  • Healthy Living with…Heart Disease
  • Healthy Living with…Tobacco Free

The Healthy Living with… publication will be delivered to doctors’ offices that treat a wide range of issues associated with a specific condition, optimized based on prescription pattern. A digital version will live on

Trusted, branded content like the Healthy Living with… program is the perfect way to target and engage precise consumers, in their doctors’ offices or when they’re searching for health and wellness information online. Significant benefits for healthcare advisors include

  • Qualified patient engagement
  • Category exclusivity
  • Optimal ad placement
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurability
  • Impactful messaging at the Point-of-Care
  • Digital presence to reach patients online

For more information about how to use custom content to influence a highly defined audience, contact Dave Mevorah, National Ad Director at 212.522.5027 today.

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